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    1. Info & Announcements

      Official information about the forum and side projects.

    2. kernel.red   (1,547 visits to this link)

      Information about the kernel.red project, the cheats created by our team. kernel.red is available only to selected users who have received their invitation code.

    3. Forum Rules   (1,449 visits to this link)

      Go directly to the global forum rules.

    4. Upgrade to Premium   (1,467 visits to this link)

      Check out the available premium ranks and join the elite!

    5. Feedback

      Make your contribution to the development of the forum. Is something not working as it should? And maybe you have an idea how to improve the functionality of the forum? Submit it in this section!

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    6. Guides

      Learn about the systems that are in action on our forum. In this section you will find tutorials to help you navigate Cheatify.

    7. Introduction

      Get to know each other! Say hello to our community by adding a topic in which you describe yourself.

    8. Lounge

      Talk with other users about some casual topics.

    9. Archives

      Topics that are no longer suitable for normal sections - expired links, outdated information, etc.


    1. kernel.red Info

      Presentations of cheats, news and changelogs related to the kernel.red project.

    2. kernel.red free

      Discussions, questions, tutorials and configurations related to applications available in kernel.red free.

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    3. kernel.red Media

      Videos, screenshots and any other media created while using kernel.red.

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    4. Testimonials

      Reviews and your adventures with kernel.red pro.

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    1. Counter-Strike

      Cheats, tips, scripts and cheat configurations for Counter-Strike games

    2. Metin2

      Explore the dark corners of the Metin2 game with cheats, bugs and bots.

    3. Other Games

      There are many new releases on the game market every day, and with them dozens of new cheats. You can find them right here.

    4. Tools

      When it comes to cheats, there is also plenty of additional tools - bypasses, injectors, memory editors. This section is created specifically for this purpose!


    1. Cheats Sources

      Check out the source codes of other cheats, learn how the various features work and make your own project!

    2. Metin2 Private Servers

      In this section you will find the best content to create the perfect Metin2 game server.

    3. Minecraft Servers

      Create your dream server with the content provided in this section. Plugins, maps, ready-made packages and much more.

    4. Other Games

      Create private servers for a wide variety of games with the resources provided in this section.

    5. Reverse Engineering

      Analyze the game files and learn how it works. Use the knowledge you gain to make your life easier during gameplay.

    6. Programming

      Source codes, courses, snippets and everything else you need to master your programming language of choice.


    1. Leaked Guides, Ebooks

      Leaked paid guides and ebooks. Learn the secrets of the gray area of the Internet.

    2. E-whoring

      Make use of incels for your own benefit and earn money for pretending to be a woman on the Internet.

    3. Adult Content

      Stop paying for subscriptions on OnlyFans and download the most interesting content for free.

    4. Pentesting

      Check how popular sites are secured against bots and other attacks ( Ν‘Β° ΝœΚ– Ν‘Β°)

    5. Accounts

      Premium accounts in a wide variety of popular services.

    6. Cracked apps

      Up-to-date cracks of popular applications.

    7. Online courses

      Dumps of most interesting online coursesΒ from Udemy and similar services.

    8. Leaked source codes

      Source codes of real applications that have been made public, often against their authors.

    9. Monetizing Techniques

      Make money online. The most interesting tips, ideas and guides for making it.

    10. Other Leaks

      All publications that have not found a suitable section for themselves.


    1. Sellers

      Sell your products or services. Each topic in this section must be approved by our team. Read the additional rules and regulations before publishing your offer.

    2. Buyers

      Buy products or services. Each topic in this section must be approved by our team. Read the additional rules and regulations before publishing your offer.

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    3. Disputes

      Do you feel cheated by someone in this section? Create a topic and our team will thoroughly check the transaction and apply appropriate measures.

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    This section is available only to premium users. Check out the available options by going HERE.

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