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  1. Leaked Guides, Ebooks

    Leaked paid guides and ebooks. Learn the secrets of the gray area of the Internet.

  2. E-whoring

    Make use of incels for your own benefit and earn money for pretending to be a woman on the Internet.

  3. Adult Content

    Stop paying for subscriptions on OnlyFans and download the most interesting content for free.

  4. Pentesting

    Check how popular sites are secured against bots and other attacks ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  5. Accounts

    Premium accounts in a wide variety of popular services.

  6. Cracked apps

    Up-to-date cracks of popular applications.

  7. Online courses

    Dumps of most interesting online courses from Udemy and similar services.

  8. Leaked source codes

    Source codes of real applications that have been made public, often against their authors.

  9. Monetizing Techniques

    Make money online. The most interesting tips, ideas and guides for making it.

  10. Other Leaks

    All publications that have not found a suitable section for themselves.

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