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kernel.red - new era of legit cheating

Meet kernel.red - your key to the world of legit cheating. Dominate your gaming opponents while staying at the highest safety standards.

kernel.red free kernel.red pro

Check out what kernel.red has to offer


kernel.red free User Mode

This is our old cheat that you already know well. Now available at kernel.red free.

Farmbot, waithack, instant fishbot, python executor and many other useful options that will make your gameplay on Metin2 servers from Gameforge easier.

kernel.red CS:GO AimAssist

kernel.red free User Mode

Experience the feeling of the game with the best legit aim assist.

Our external cheat for CS:GO is a truncated version of Aimbot from a cheat available in kernel.red pro. Despite the lack of prediction of the opponent's movement and the inability to set individual weapons configs, it is still one of the best legit aimbots on the market. For the best experience, use our cheat in kernel.red pro.

Take it to the next level with kernel.red pro.

Join kernel.red pro - a private version of kernel.red only for users who have applied to join or have been invited by another user.

kernel.red CS:GO External

kernel.red pro Kernel Mode

Meet the best closet cheat for CS:GO.

Perfect humanized aimassist, crosshair esp and triggerbot. Dominate your opponents using the support that will give you the highest level of safety. Join the community of kernel.red pro users and don't get detected by VAC and VACNet.

kernel.red XMETIN

kernel.red pro User Mode + Kernel Mode

Meet a farmbot which is not afraid of CShield and Hacktrap.

Get the help of farmbot for servers secured by CShield, Hacktrap and other popular anti-cheats for Metin2 game.

kernel.red METIN2

kernel.red pro User Mode

The good old cheat in a brand new edition.

Take advantage of what you already know well. kernel.red Metin2 is a brand new version of EASYGAME. Cheat written from scratch, the model of which was our previous cheat. New features, much better optimization, a completely new approach to user security. Get the help of the best cheat for servers from Gameforge and some private servers.

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