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CHEATIFY.cc Forum Rules


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General Rules

  1. Cheatify is a Polish-English forum and only these languages can be used throughout the site.
  2. All topics/posts must relate to the category in which they were added. Creating posts or topics in inappropriate sections will result in a warning.
  3. Spamming or abusing any system available on Cheatify is not allowed. Users who do not comply with this rule will be punished with a warning or permanent account block.
  4. In our forum we treat other users with respect. Any participation in flamewar or senseless insulting of other users on our forum will result in the blocking of your account.
  5. If you have any problem, first check if there is already such a topic. If not, ask the question only once and do not duplicate it. 
  6. Any verbal attacks towards the forum or its administration, both on and off our site, will result in permanent account blocking.
  7. Don't pretend to be a moderator. If you see someone breaking the rules, use the report system.
  8. A user can have only one account on the forum. Any further account will result in the permanent blocking of all user accounts, with no appeal possible.
  9. It is the responsibility of the user to respect copyright. It is possible to report their violations via email [email protected], but first make sure that the reported files are hosted on our server. For submissions of files that are hosted on third parties, the submission will be ignored.
  10. Try to limit emoticons in posts and exclamation and question marks in topic names. One is quite enough. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a warning.
  11. The names of the topics must clearly describe their content. Beware of names like "Help", "error" etc.
  12. Don't use link shorteners overfilled with ads. You won't earn anything from it anyway, and it destroys the ease of navigating the forum.
  13. The administration can Edit/Delete/Close your topic at any time.
  14. All rules also apply in private messages. Users can report a message if they see one that violates our rules.
  15. It is forbidden to publish data of stolen bank accounts, credit card numbers, paypal accounts and accounts in other payment-related services.
  16. Asking for likes or reputation is prohibited. Good content will defend itself.
  17. Cracking or sharing Cheatify team products or products sold by other users on our forum is prohibited and will result in permanent account blocking.
  18. Sharing files from the premium section is completely prohibited, and any case of such behavior will result in a permanent block of the account without the possibility of appeal.
  19. You can only add sales/purchase offers in the Market category. Attempting to sell outside of this category will result in a warning or blocking of your account.
  20. Remember that you are on a forum dedicated to cheats. Any action or comment that takes a stand against any form of cheating or cheat development will result in your account being blocked so you can rethink your life choices.
  21. Begging for anything is forbidden. Such users will be blocked from their account.

Market Rules


  1. It is forbidden to create sales offers on behalf of other users.
  2. You can only create one topic for one item.
  3. By default, only Lupus and Active users can request "Vouch copy". As a seller, you can set your own rules on this matter.
  4. Posts like "Good luck", "Great product" etc. will be treated as spam.
  5. Selling products that are publicly available and free of charge is prohibited.
  6. Trading is only allowed in the Market category.
  7. "Sales Trashing" will block your account.
  8. Users can create offers only after reaching level two.
  9. Abuse of the vouch system will result in blocking this function or the entire account.
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