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How to access kernel.red pro?

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kernel.red pro is a project designed for people who know what they want. In order to keep your accounts safe, we want to limit access to the pro version only to people who have knowledge about cheating. This limitation, combined with software written in a way that maintains the highest safety standards, creates a project that will assist you in your daily gameplay.

kernel.red pro is a set of cheats designed for so-called "legit cheating." 


How to get access?

Above all, we target users who will stay with us for the long term. Therefore, the first of the requirements is to have a Diamond rank.  You can check the available ranks by going here: https://cheatify.cc/subscriptions/

The second, and final requirement, is to have an invitation code. You can get it from a user who already has access to the pro version. This will not be an easy decision for him, because if any person he invites is banned, all accounts in any way associated with the particular user will also be blocked. 

As an example:

1. User 1 invites user 2 to the pro version
2. User 2 invites user 3
3. User 3 violates the rules of the pro version and his account is banned.
4. User 2 also gets banned because he is the one who invited user 3. Thus, user 1 gets banned because user 2, who was invited by him, has been banned.


If you don't have a friend who trusts you enough to invite you to the Pro version, you have another option to gain access. Fill out an application for access to the Pro version, and our team will periodically send invitation codes to selected users. You can find the application form at this link: https://forms.gle/LxgXViZeMr9W4Xk6A



Discord: fsr#9198 (938456208703111178)

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