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Plans for December | Our private community -> x86.club

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We made a difficult decision, but caring about the community quality we put everything on the line. 

In this thread, on behalf of the entire administration, I want to inform you about the plans for the near future of our forum.



We don't care about the number of users, only the quality, so we decided to create a private forum, where only users with an invitation code will get access. This decision will allow us to create content for you, the quality of which will be much higher than that on the public version of the forum.

That's how x86.club, a private forum for users who want to be members of a small but best community, came to be.  The areas of focus are not strongly different from the public version of the forum. We continue to revolve around Metin2, CS:GO and cheats, taking care of interesting content.


Why should you join x86.club?


If you're interested in Metin2 client unpacks, we've prepared dumpers adapted to popular servers for you. You no longer have to wait for the unpack to appear on the forum - you can do it yourself in two clicks.






If you are interested in game cheats, we also have something for you. From time to time, additional cheats will be available outside of x86.app (kernel.red). Enjoy fishbots for private metin2 servers, or a full bot for servers from Gameforge.


Being a member of x86.club you will also get access to interesting content related to the development of cheats and configuration of popular cheats. You will also download lists of premium accounts, databases, tutorials on how to make money online and many other valuable contents.


How to get an invitation?

To become a user of our forum, you need an invitation code, which you will receive from one of the registered users or from our administration. To request an invitation code, join our Discord server and create a Ticket. You can do so by going to this link: https://dc.x86.club/

If you have one of the premium ranks on Cheatify, you are entitled to an invitation code. In order to receive it, create a ticket on our Discord server. After verification, you will receive your code. If you have the Diamond rank, you will automatically receive the Supporter rank on x86.club. The Gold rank is not transferable because there are no time-limited ranks on x86.club, but you will receive a code for -50%. Content for invited members will be similar to the current Premium.


When will x86.club be available?

We are making the final adjustments. We hope to be able to launch the forum before the end of November. However, do not wait until the forum is open to request an invitation. The whole process of granting an invitation code may take some time.


What about Cheatify?

The forum will remain online, and a decision on its future will be made next year.









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